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FORTUS is well specialized in shipbuilding components production for:
- the steering system: rudder horn, rudder stock, upper & lower piece, etc;
- propulsion system: stern tubes, propeller  shaft, intermediate shaft;
- the anchoring system: anchors, nozzles, vinches, etc
- deck installations: winch drums, jib crane body.

FORTUS is also specialized in the manufacturing  of components for all subassemblies of dredging installation:
- cutter excavation equipment : cutter shaft, dragheads, suction pipes, screening systems, dredging buckets, ladder trunnions;
- pumps: inboard dredge pumps, jet pumps, submerged pumps;
- dredge line components: compensators, ball joints, elbows, discharge lines;
- fluid control systems: process valves, valves automotion systems;
- bottom discharge systems: bottom valves;
- movement system: spuds.